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Olive oil for Massage

Relaxing the Muscles, and Healthier Skin #Oliveoil #Beautycare

Olea Europaea, what the heck does that mean? This is the name of the evergreen tree native to Mediterranean Europe , Asia and Africa. It has been around for many centuries, it is one of the oldest cultivated living trees in our world. In fact this tree has been around longer than any written language.

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The Olives are so nutritional that the extracted oil is healthy enough for massages, not only are they high in the vitamin E , and fight off free radicals, they also provide essential antioxidants. Massage Therapist occasionally use it for massages. Most people know that this is considered a table oil because of its smell and texture, however using it as a massage oil has great benefits. The oil is considered a beauty secret dating back some 5000 years, it’s excellent for the skin and for hair. Its history goes back further than the Olea Europaea, which can be grown right in your home porch, able to produce delicious fruit that can be pressed and bottled.

Jennifer Lopez has a lot to say about olive oil, when asked what was her secret, she say’s she uses it in her skin products, and has been a family secret for as long as she can remember. I prefer the extra virgin oil, and in addition recently have made the choice to consume it daily with a 2-3 droplets of lemon juice in the morning, the concoction contributes to better bowel movements as well. That’s another blog post for later. So the next time you go in for a massage, or schedule one at home, and you’ve forgotten your favorite perfumed oil, it is okay and healthy to use your typical table olive oil, unless of course you have an allergy to olives, then it isn’t recommended. This can be discussed between you and your Massage Therapist they should come prepared with their own selections of oils that can make your massage experience one to be remembered, and enjoyed.

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Foot massage happiness

Pamper yourself OMG!

“The greatest gift to yourself is a little bit of attention.”

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Get a load of this! Our beautiful feet carry us all day, everyday!Well, I’ll be darn, our feet are a very special part of our human anatomy. “What’s so special about our feet”? As mobile adapters, Harvard Health Publishing says, that our feet serve as shock absorbers, and that they smooth our impact when they land with a force exceeding our body weight, as well, that running utilizes more force, therefore needing more cushioning. In otherwards, our intrinsic feet provide a distinctive biomechanics, and with having 26 bones, 42 muscle, ligaments, tendons, sweat glands, etc. in each foot we are able to, run, leap, jump, dance, swim catch my drift? Although some of us are born with healthy feet, this isn’t so for many of our neighbors. There Are folks born with arches, clubfeet, bunions, and other abnormalities etc. and even though there are many ways to fix this, whether it’s with surgery when affordable, or with assisted store bought aids, another way to cope is foot massages, they’re a wonderful way to pamper your feet to keep them healthy and strong, while providing physiological and overall physical well being.

The foot feels the foot when it hits the ground

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Foot Massages are always a good alternative, booking a foot massage every so many amount of weeks could help with aiding in illnesses, and improving circulation. Boosting circulation to your feet helps keep muscle tissues strong and healthy especially if there are health problems involved. During your massage the massage therapist will choose different areas of the foot, sometimes focusing more on specific areas. If you feel the need to, she or he to do so, it is okay to voice this prior to the session. If you didn’t know, our feet have thousands of nerve endings which is why it feels so wonderful to have them massaged. Massages should never hurt, and if they do, after a few sessions, with no improvement, the professional therapist should know to refer you out to a foot specialist or your doctor, otherwise lay back , relax and enjoy, reap those good feely benefits!

In -home therapist

The rub down to revive you.

“Give your Body a little Love, Touch the body, Heal the mind, Calm the spirit. “


Massage Therapist are the holy grail of life. No , seriously with all that’s happening in today’s world , what better way to escape it then creating your own holy grail day! Now what do I mean by holy grail, well caring for yourself is the pathway to a healthy lifestyle, isn’t it. I’m not talking about religion, or men and their guru’ GODS.( no punt intended fellas) Massage benefits you too!

I’m talking about taking time for yourself. Thanking yourself for acknowledging that your worth isn’t selfish, its self-care, its facts! Woman have been running the world for many centuries, yes some would disagree, however ask yourself this, “who is the vehicle of life source”, women. We have been lovers, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, you get the point. Our bodies have been used, abused, loved, and then we die.

Well , we aren’t dead yet! 🙂

Massage has been around for centuries, and through the ages it has improved greatly! Massage reduces stress, it increases relaxation, it reduces pain, helps muscle soreness, tension, and need to mention it improves circulation, energy, alertness, and lowers your heart rate if you have high blood pressure. And, finally an added bonus, it helps you sleep better. Overall, your mental health, mood improves!

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Hiring a mobile therapist has its sure benefits. First you should do your research. There’re many wonderful companies that can provide you with what you need. Remember: An affordable therapist does not mean a terrible therapist, speaking from experience, we do love our careers, and understand, so don’t be afraid to hire someone on the low-end cost range. Usually the sessions start around $65-$75 per hour,and can go up to the high range of $145-$180 per hour. The choice is yours, keep in mind though that each therapist is different and with each session cost includes either additional bonuses, or none. The massage therapist will let you know if anything is included.

The rewards of a mobile therapist is that they come to you, it is done for your convenience. This way you can skip getting into your car, and skip traffic stress. Anyone can benefit from a massage. In-Home Massage sessions allows you to relax in the comfort of your own home. It’s that simple!

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